Better Gifts with the Proper Corporate Usage Now

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It’s another time to squeeze your head to decide how to thank customers for being customers, suppliers for supporting good and bad times, and employees for continuing to fight by your side. It’s a happy time for those who like shopping and a nightmare for those who do not know what to give.

If you are one of the last, you can stay calm, apart from the advice on what gift to do, we give you some rules to evaluate if your decision (or that of your secretary) is the right one or not.

How to choose the business gift for customers, suppliers and employees?

  1. Give Something Useful

First of all that is useful – you do not want anyone to remember you for a useless object that does nothing but accumulates dust. What does your client need? Something consumable, some food, something for your home, something for the computer, the phone. There are corporate gifts for all situations and moments.

  1. Think of The Person Who Receives It

This must serve in the recipient’s private life. Even if you find the most “cool” stapler in the world, it is not advisable to go there. It is better than the receiver of the gift remembers you for something positive, than for something related to a stressful job. A USB memory or a mobile phone charger as much, as it is useful, both for private life and professional life.

  1. That Is Easy To Return Or Recycle

If you do not like the gift to your client, it should be possible to give it back to someone. That way everyone will be happy, the new receiver is happy, and we recycle the gift instead of throwing away! Such as wine or chocolate (without company logo); if you do not like it, you’ll be great to re-gift it! From the corporate and premium gifts supplier malaysia you will have the best deals.

  1. Reflect Your Values

The corporate gift reflects you, and it must be by your values ​​and those of the company. If you take care of the environment, give something recyclable, if you go to the world of children, that the gift is consistent with simple, playful values, care and love.

  1. Respect First

The main objective of the corporate gift is to thank, that serves to say “thank you”. It should not be a joke or mockery. The employee who works day and night to keep your company afloat, will not want a cup of coffee so he can keep more hours awake working more.

  1. Put Your Brand, But Be Discrete

To ensure the use and exposure of your gift, you must provide that the branding of the brand is discreet. It’s advertising and merchandising, yes, but sometimes it’s better to choose the icon of the brand instead of the entire logo and place it in an inconspicuous place. That’s how you get people to use the corporate gift. The emblem used as if it were a fashion brand in the embroidery of a shirt, or at the foot of a glass of wine is even more elegant than if it were not marked!

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