Best Ideas to Make Kids Rakhi At Home For Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan is on 26th August 2018 and this is a sacred festival in our culture. A fortnight or slightly before this festival, the whole market gets decked up in colorful rakhi types. The sisters take out some time from their regular schedule to scout the market for the best-looking rakhi thread for their brothers. Some creative minded sisters even try to make a rakhi at home and surprise their brothers. It is a wonderful idea to indulge into a creative work and celebrate a certain festival. So, those sisters who are looking for an easy guide to “how to make rakhi at home?” can simply read this article and create some colorful and elegant rakhis for their brothers.

Animal Rakhi:

This would be a kids rakhi type as the kids are generally fascinated by small figurines of animals. Those in the age bracket of 1-5 years have just started identifying various animals and thus an Animal Rakhi would excite them more. Here are the few steps that you need to follow to make this fabulous rakhi.

  • First decide which animal you want to portray here in this rakhi and get a sticker of that animal – dog, cat, lion, tiger, etc.
  • Satin ribbons because they are shiny and kids find shiny things attractive.
  • Felt circle sticker in favorable color with an adhesive backing.
  • Now, stick the animal sticker on one Felt circle with adhesive backing.
  • Place the satin ribbon in between two felts.
  • Use fevicol kind of adhesive to stick the satin ribbon between two felt circles.
  • See, how easily you can make a kids special Animal rakhi and add more happiness to your festival.

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Wool Rakhi:

Wool is an easily available material and thus you can make this wool rakhi anytime with some simple tools and techniques narrated below.

  • Pick up your favorite colors of wools, preferably two contrasting colors like red and yellow, blue and green, white and red, etc.
  • You would also need some colorful beads and scissors.
  • In case you know how to make a pompom, making this rakhi would be easier.
  • Twist the red or any one color of wool around your fingers for twenty rounds. Then slowly pull it out and tie it securely at the center.
  • Now use a scissors and cut the ends of the bow and spread. Now press to form a flower pompom.

Now, tie a bead at the center and another strand behind to make a rakhi.

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Crafted Foam Rakhi:

This is another innovative and easy way to make a rakhi at home. You would need foam, scissors, glue, and satin ribbon. Colorful beads are optional.

  • You have to take a piece of craft foam of medium thickness and cut it in a square shape.
  • This is for the inner/second layer of the rakhi, so the size of the piece has to be according to that.
  • Now, simply draw a circle on the foam piece.
  • Cut out this circle using a scissors but in a wavy pattern for that cooler effect.
  • Now you have to repeat the above steps to make another bigger piece for the bottom layer of the rakhi.
  • Fold this bigger piece in half and make two cuts spaced out from each other. Maintain a depth of each cut about 0.5 centimeter.
  • Now open the fold and insert a satin ribbon in one slit and bring the ribbon to the top through the other slit.
  • Don’t forget to seal or tie the ends of the satin ribbon!
  • Flip this bigger base of the rakhi and apply glue on the smaller piece and paste them together.
  • You may use some fancy beads to embellish the top or some colorful sticker to make the kid’s rakhi look more alluring.

Flower Rakhi:

This is one of the most heart-warming rakhi types that you can make at home employing some simple things. Not only for kids but you can present this type of floral rakhi to teens and adults as well. Just follow the mentioned steps and bring more fun and exhilaration to Raksha Bandhan 2018 festival.

– You would need a piece of ribbon of 25-30 cms or some thread, a circular cardboard cut-out of about 1-1.5 inches depending on the size of the rakhi, scissors, glue, artificial flower, fresh flower of your choice, and colorful beads.

– You have to first take the ribbon and glue the cardboard to it.

– Now, take an artificial flower and cut it in a desired shape and size. Then glue the cut flower to the cardboard and let it dry for some time.

– Pick up the fresh flower now and separate the petals carefully. Now, stick these petals in a floral pattern and allow it to dry.

Now, pick up the colorful beads and glue them over the petals.

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Your alluring flower rakhi is ready to surprise your brother.

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So, this Raksha Bandhan, explore your creative side and make some thrilling kids rakhi and let the kids enjoy this festival of love and togetherness.

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