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Best Hair Flat Irons In the Market Today

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(And Finding the Right One for You)

Long, shiny and sleek-straight hair is so highly coveted because it gives you that instant elegant look, whether you’re wearing a chic, little black dress for a Saturday night out or comfy yoga pants for your early morning jogs. Then there’s the little-known fact that you can also use that nifty little flat iron to curl your hair!

Perhaps, the biggest scare that women have of this tool is that it can ruin your hair in the long run. But many hair experts disprove that, especially if you know what type of flat iron to use and if you know how to use it. Here are some of the best picks of the year as seen on

The Cheapest Professional Styling Iron

This accolade goes to HSI’s Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic flat iron. With professional flat irons ranging from $50 to $100 (and even more), you’d be surprised that this particular model from HSI only costs $37.99 (Amazon price tag). Its 1-inch ceramic plates heat fast but because of the addition of the advanced Tourmaline technology, drying and freezing is prevented. The plates aren’t so thick so you can definitely use this for flipping and curling as well.

But wait, because there’s definitely more! This set also comes with Argan Oil hair treatment product which can help protect your locks while you’re ironing.

The Ultimate Hair Straightener for the Coarsest Hair

Taming thick, coarse hair can usually take an hour or two, from conditioning your hair while taking a shower to styling it in front of the mirror. There are even days when this feat seems so impossible!

But xtava Pro has come up with one of the most amazing flat irons which will give you beautifully straight and satiny hair. Aside from the ceramic tourmaline plates, it makes use of infrared heat technology, which ensures that your hair doesn’t get burned. For an amazingly low price of $49.95 (Amazon price tag), this is a great buy!

The Best Volumizing Hair Iron

Having too-fine hair, to be completely honest, is a curse too. At times, the only styling recourse is to tie it in a ponytail. Thank goodness for VOLOOM because they came out with a wonderful gadget which basically does the complete opposite of a flat iron. It adds amazing volume to your hair which can last for days, thanks to the specialized crimped plates.

For $129.99 (Amazon price tag), VOLOOM is a bit pricey. But for everything that it can do, this is a must-have for all those who’d like a rest from their too-straight, too-fine, too-flat hair.

If you want more in-depth info and reliable reviews about the flat irons mentioned above and other brands which you’re thinking of getting, check out This site has some of the most useful facts and ingenious hacks about ironing your hair the right way, whichever hair type you’ve got and whatever style you’ve got in mind.


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