Are You Aware About Various Shapes of Pearls?

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Pearls are natural organic substances and hence they can be in many different shapes, and some of them can be quite interesting and unique too. There will be slight difference in the shapes of every pearl. Usually we see pearls in round shape but they are not the only shape available.

To know about different shapes of pearls check over here. There are seven basic shapes available:


This is the most common shape that most of us are familiar with. They are in perfect spherical shape and this type of pearls is very desirable shape.


There are few pearls which are not so perfectly round shape. They are bit flattened or elongated, instead of being in perfect spherical shape. However, they are so much like spherical pearls and hence for practical purpose they are also considered as spherical.


They are available in oval shape and at the end a bit narrower as compared to the centre.


These button pearls are slightly flattened and they resemble any button or a disk instead of spherical shape. They are mostly used in earrings, and the flattened side is attached with the setting.


These drop pearls are in the shape of pear or teardrop. It can be either long or short which depends on its proportion. Such pearls can be attractive for earrings or pendants.


These kinds of pearls are irregular in shape. As an example, a pearl could be button, oval or drop pearl, however they all are not symmetrical and are considered as semi-baroque.


This kind of pearls is non-symmetrical and also irregular in shape.

There can be many other variations too in pearl shapes

In addition to all the above shapes mentioned, there can also be many other variations too. Some pearls, may develop certain grooves or rings that encircle them. They are called ringed or circled.

The value of pearl depends on its shapes

Pearl’s shape is one of the many factors that determine its quality, and hence its value is decided based on that. Generally, any round shape or near-round pearls will be considered most valuable, as it is rare. Any shape which is symmetrical will be more desirable as compared to baroque shape.

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