Amazing Leather Handbags That’ll Make You Look Stylish Without Making an Effort 

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What’s the one thing that holds every other stuff you have to carry around every day as a woman? Well, the answer, most certainly, is a handbag. There’s not a single woman on this planet who doesn’t want to own handbags in a gamut of colors and materials. And it’s one of those classic materials that we are going to target in this guide – the leather handbags. 

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Let’s first talk about the obvious, why leather? What makes it such a sought after material? 

The answer to all these questions is that leather has an exceptional quality – a leather handbag will last for years and years. Which, precisely, also answers the question whether or not leather is worth the hype – yes, it absolutely is. 

That said, let’s now put a plethora of 3 amazing Lowell leather handbags in front of you in this guide for you to decide which one of these will complement your taste and personality the most. 

  1. Adam Outlaw Leather Handbag

This leather handbag is an ideal example of minimalist fashion that’s still enchanting and beautiful.  

  • It’s a stunner sling bag with thin straps that look classy. 
  • It’s pure cow leather, neat and plain – no fancy lining, nothing. 

So, if simplicity and sophistication are the two traits that you cherish the most in whatever you carry, then you’ll love this leather handbag for sure. 

  1. Quito Recycled Fur Handbag

Love furs? Then, this bag by Lowell should be your go-to handbag. The best thing about this handbag is that despite having a bit of funk added to it, it doesn’t lose its class. It looks breathtakingly classy. 

  • The leather that’s used is full-grain cow leather. 
  • The beautiful canvas lining in the bag is purely 100% cotton.
  • The leather straps are adjustable as well as removable. 

Not to forget, the piolino stud buttons on the bag are extremely beautiful and adequately placed. 

  1. Saint-Paul Outlaw Leather Handbag

This semi-structured bag is absolutely worth a try. It’s extremely comfortable and useful despite being small. 

  • It’s one of those rare handbags that can be used as a clutch too.
  • The comfortable leather straps are removable. The minute they’re removed, the bag becomes a clutch. 

Ergo, it’s pure cow leather and suede lining that gives this bag an iconic charm of its own. 

To sum up, there’s no other material that’s as versatile as leather. So, having at least 1 pure leather handbag is something that you should keep in your to-do list this year. 

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