Accessories you need to wear this autumn

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Autumn is all about layering to keep yourself warm while staying fashionable at the same time. Picking the right accessories might make or break you simple casual outfit so be sure to follow some of these tips when opting to go for one accessory or another. Keep in mind your silhouette and height so that you would create a balanced outfit that flatters your figure.


Sunglasses should be called must haves all year round. They protect your eye for strong lights and they can save your bad make-up day anytime. Pick your favorite styles from known brands just because you have the guarantee that they are truly high quality. Invest  a little more for your health, it’s worth it fashion wise also. Buying sunglasses online might sound tricky but if you master the art you will surely find the best deals.

Big scarves

These are both stylish and they will be your best friend if the weather gets bad. You can put them over your head if it rains or snows, or around your eyes and mouth if there’s a big wind outside blowing sand all over the place. Pick chiffon or silk if the days are warmer or wool and kashmir when it gets colder.


Hats are my favorite accessories because they are super fancy and they make any casual outfit look more artsy and posh. They can be simple bowler or panama hats or maybe you will want to try something more edgy like an embellished fedora hat to go with your bell sleeved black lace dress. You will surely turn heads with such a combo.

Knitted gloves

Knitted gloves keep your hands and fingers warm but they are also very romantic. You can surely opt for some rock chic leather gloves, but I do love the knitted versions better just because they are more creative.

Big earrings

Autumn kind of limits your choice for jewelry because of all the layers you need to put on yourself, but big earrings can stay. Chandelier style earrings might get caught in your scarves but some big hoops will surely look very awesome.


Why backpacks and not handbags? Because they are very practical and you can fit so many things inside. If it’s a warm day outside but the weather channel said it will be chilly later you might want to grab a cardigan in your rucksack just to be sure. You can also take your favorite scarf or a chunky sweater.

These tips would help you spend less because you can focus on game changing details that could improve your whole look. Look for high quality pieces that never go out of style and are made of  good materials so you can enjoy them more. Besides being stylish they are also very practical, well except the earrings that won’t help you much. We are not talking about useless accessories that come and go after just a few months or years, you will want to have them in your wardrobe at any time.

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