A Guide to Get Your Perfect Tote Bag from Bloomingdales

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Tote bags are one of the most convenient bags one can own. These bags are versatile and practical, proving to be useful in different situations. The tote bags can be used for your daily errands, taking them to your workplace or education institutions. These bags have amazing prints, designs, and delicate work on them which makes them a head-turner. If you are looking for a wide variety of gorgeous tote bags from different brands then Bloomingdales is the best place to shop from. You can also take advantage of the Bloomingdale’s coupon to get an amazing discount on all your purchases.

The Material Used

When selecting a tote bag for yourself, you have to consider some factors. The first thing to consider is the material they are made from. Tote bags that are made from light materials such as cloth and polyester are meant for your daily use. These bags can be perfect for carrying your groceries or even carrying your things to the gym, playdates, or sports events. The second is the more sturdy and heavy material such as leather which is usually used for traveling, formal events like meetings or dinners. The leather bag can last you for a good number of years and they have a very rich looking appearance. Select your favorite tote bag from Bloomingdales depending upon the use of your bag and don’t forget to use the Bloomingdale’s coupon to avail of these bags at a discounted rate.

The Size of Your Bag

The second thing to consider when getting your favorite tote bag is the size of the bag. The tote bag comes in small size, medium, and large. The small size is perfect for your daily use, they can carry your mobile phone, wallet, keys to your home and vehicle, power bank, all the essential you need for your daily use. The medium size is perfect for carrying all your essentials along with small cosmetic pouches, tissue papers, small books, and journals. They are perfect to be carried around at workplaces, malls, and educational institutions. The large size tote bag is perfect when you’re traveling, you can keep all your essentials along with laptops and even clothes. This bag is perfect for educational institutions where you can carry all your books and also perfect for short two-day traveling trips. Select your favorite tote bag according to your need from Bloomingdales and use the Bloomingdale’s coupon to get the perfect sized tote bag at a reasonable price or you can even invest in two different sizes without having to worry about the budget.

Security and Handing

Other things to consider are the security and handling of your tote bags. Most of the tote bags have open tops with a single magnetic button in the center. These bags offer less security as compared to those with a zipper top or a close top. Tote bags come with large handles, adjustable handles, or small handles. The small handles help you in grasping with your hand quickly whereas the long ones are perfect for hanging on your shoulders, this is specifically best for tote bags with medium and large sizes carrying ore weight. Make the right choice at Bloomingdales considering all these factors and use the Bloomingdale’s coupon to get the most perfect tote bag at a great price.

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