5 Things All Dancers Wear – And what to avoid

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People who are new to the art of dance often think that any comfortable clothing is acceptable for dance. This is far from true. A dancer’s strongest asset is a healthy and strong body. Not equipping that body with the proper attire is more than disrespectful to the other dancers and the dance instructor. It can lead to injury or at the least discomfort which will distract the dancer from their job of evolving as a dancer. When a dancer wastes her rehearsal or practice time, they are sacrificing the very thing they need the most – time.  

Below we will list 5 essentials that every dancer must wear. The type of dance performed will expand on the list. However, in every style, these items are needed. Also note that you can get these supplies at quality online shops like Just For Kix. Do not try to substitute department store product for products made for dance. It cannot be done safely.

First, please ensure you have a high-quality dance bag. A dancer’s dance bag goes with them everywhere. They get tossed around and kicked around, sat on and laid on. These bags contain your emergency supplies. So get one that can take abuse and still perform.

  • Dance shoes

Regardless if you dance the Ballet, hip hop, or tap, you need the right dance shoes. Dance sneakers are not the same shoe as department store (or mall) sneakers. The latter can stick to the dance floor when the dancer is making a turn or a jump. This could cause serious injury to the foot, ankle, and leg. Whatever your dance of choice, have good dance shoes.

  • Leotards

Leotards are tight fitting garments that cover the torso but leave the legs exposed. They give the dancer freedom of movement but support the body. Most dancers do not wear underwear under the leotard as it would be exposed and uncomfortable during the dance. A good dancer keeps an extra leotard on hand in case hers (or his) is soiled or torn.

  • Tights

Tights are tight fitting clothing that covers the legs. They are usually worn with a leotard and they are necessary as part of a dancers attire. The tight material protects the veins and tendons in the legs and keeps the dancer warm. Some have an opening under the bottom of the foot that allows the dancer to roll them to the ankle during casual practice.

  • Dance Pant

There will come a time when a dancer needs pants or shorts to dance in. At that time, dance pants or dance shorts are necessary. They are made with the anticipated movements of the dancer in mind.

  • Cover-up

When a dancer dances or practices, they sweat. When they stop, they easily catch a chill. This is uncomfortable and could lead to illness. For that reason, a dancer needs to keep a cover-up with them. The most usual item used for this is a flannel shirt. It warms the dancer and absorbs moisture for more comfort, faster.

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