5 Keys to Be Well Dressed and Stylish at Work

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Being well dressed when going to work is not futile, it’s even essential for your credibility and self-confidence. The time of the only full suit skirt or pants is over; you now have much more freedom to choose your clothes every day. It also means that you do not always know how to compose your outfits. The syndrome of ‘I have nothing to wear’ in front of your wardrobe in the morning can quickly catch up with you, while your dressing room is overflowing! I suggest 5 keys to be always well dressed and stylish at work.

The 5 keys to boost your style at work

#1: You must know the ‘dress code’ of your business

This means you must be aware of what is allowed or frowned at. We do not dress the same way in a bank, a start-up in the sports sector or a fashion house. I do not recommend, for example, going to work in sneakers if your company advocates a dress that is not casual. Fortunately, companies are becoming more flexible with the codes to respect. Few require a strictly defined outfit. And all is finally a question of balance and good associations, as very often with the style. You can wear sneakers, as long as you combine them with an elegant and sober outfit.

#2: You must play on the right balance of your outfit

That is to say, do not do too much or too little to release confidence, femininity, and character. Of course, you do not want to be transparent. But you do not want to be considered too sexy or vulgar. For example, avoid wearing two short pieces together. It’s a short piece + a long piece, and basta. In other words, the blouse décolletéée short + short skirt is to proscribe. Instead, prefer the elegance of a belted air blouse combined with a midi skirt or cigarette pants. Add a sober hairstyle and light makeup and you’re done. You can check out designers on platforms like Henriette L. if you still feel lost about choosing the right outfit combinations.

#3: Choose a good dosage of colors 

Again, do not overdo it and choose 1 to 3 different colors. Book your colorful outfits for your holidays or weekends. Be careful, this does not mean that you have to be bland, far from it. This is again a question of overall harmony of the silhouette. For example, choose 1 basic color + 1 strong color. Or 2 basic colors + 1 strong color. Or 1 strong color in camaëu (the same colors declined with its nuances).

#4: Above all, you must feel comfortable in your outfit 

Neither 70% nor 80%. I say 100%. If you do not know what it means, take notes every day and write down when you feel great and when you feel less sure of yourself. Also note when you receive compliments. Do this for a month and you can easily objectify the outfits that make you confident. No need to take the lead, it is a matter of feeling and you will quickly realize the clothes that make you feel beautiful. Keep only these and take a picture of them.

#5: Remain yourself

This last rule may seem to you to contradict the previous ones. But no. Having style also means having confidence in yourself and trusting the image you choose to express. Whether you are on heels, sneakers, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, there will always be a way to respect the first 4 rules while respecting you and your personal style.

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