5 Fresh Hairstyles for Spring

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Winter is almost over, and it will soon be time to whip off those beanies and hats and show off your hair. If you’re itching to let your hair loose this spring, here are five fresh and trendy hairstyles you may want to try out:

Glossy, Long and Straight

One of the hottest hair trends this season is inspired by actress and pop icon Cher. Think long, stick straight hair with high shine and gloss. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing this hairstyle everywhere.

The key to rocking this hairstyle is healthy, naturally glossy hair. Use a moisturizing conditioner regularly, and work a nourishing hair serum or coconut oil through your strands while your hair is still damp. If you lack the length and luster, you can still fake the look by wearing hair extensions. For high quality extensions that won’t put a dent in your wallet, visit

True Glory Hair offers premium hair extensions and wigs made from the finest real virgin hair. Shop a variety of virgin Indian and Brazilian hair extensions on their website, and choose just the right length for you to pull off this spring ready look.


Blunt Chop

Razor sharp, angular hairstyles may seem unforgiving and difficult to pull off, but this spring ready hairstyle is surprisingly versatile. The key is to find just the right cut that will flatter your face shape and features best.

Once you’ve had your hair cut, styling it is a breeze. Use a flat iron to keep the ends sharp and precise and to give off an edgy, modern vibe. Remember to spritz on a heat protectant spray before ironing to protect your strands and keep them healthy.

Pixie Cut

Much like the blunt chop, the pixie cut is really quite diverse and comes in several different variations. Work with an experienced hairstylist to find the right cut for you that will flatter and emphasize your best features.

This is a great hairstyle for those who have over processed or damaged hair, as it gives you a chance to press reset and start fresh with your hair. It’s also pretty low maintenance, only requiring a quick trim every few months to keep its shape.

Natural Texture

If you’ve ever struggled with having naturally wavy or curly hair, struggle no more. Great texture and movement is all the rage this spring, so embrace your hair’s natural texture and flaunt your curls.

Textured hair tends to be dry and prone to frizz, as the natural oils produced by your scalp have a harder time reaching the ends of your hair. Combat this dryness by conditioning regularly, and applying a nourishing oil like jojoba, argan or coconut to the ends of your hair while damp. Also, try Daily headscarves for your hairstyles. 

Warm Tones

Icy and ashy hair colors have been dominating the beauty scene for the past few years, but warmer tones are starting to make their way back. Think buttery blondes and reddish browns. These actually flatter a wider range of skin tones than cool based colors, so you’re more likely to discover a hair color that perfectly suits your skin.

Once you’ve chosen a hairstyle you feel comfortable wearing, don’t be afraid to accessorize. Hair accessories are coming back in a big way this year, and their fun and playful vibe are perfect for ushering in the spring.

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