5 Fashionable Freebies to Include in a Corporate Event Gift Bag

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An elegant venue, industry authorities, product displays, food, drinks, socializations, and freebies — these are the typical elements of a successful organized corporate event.

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When it comes to the aforementioned freebies, the current trend is all about unique, stylish yet useful items. Competitive companies can be inspired, for example, by the fashionable gift bags distributed during world-famous award shows, such as the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

These bags contain everything from jewel-inspired signature chocolates, to expensive skin care sets, top-of-the-line gadgets, to custom T-shirts, and other rare and quirky items. The organizers always go great lengths to ensure that every single item in the bag would bring joy and be useful to the recipients. After all, those awards shows have millions of dollars in revenue.

But how can companies, particularly smaller ones, follow suit, especially with a smaller budget for corporate events? The key here is to determine what items attendees will find useful and who the best suppliers for these products are.

When it comes to useful yet stylish freebies that recipients will be happy to have, the five listed below are among the best and most suitable ones for corporate events such as conferences and summits.

1. Customized apparel

Event shirts, hoodies, caps, and tote bags remain some of the best options for freebies. The tote bags, for instance, serve as the actual gift bags. Meanwhile, the participants can wear the custom-printed shirts, hoodies, and caps at the event and also in the future for casual occasions.

All these items make fantastic souvenirs, especially if these items come with a really creative design in terms of print.

It is important to mention as well that customized or company-branded clothing pieces do not only make lovely uniforms for the event; they are also great provisions for keeping the event’s guests, attendees and participants comfortable inside and outside the venue.

When the air conditioning is going full blast, customized hoodies will keep the wearer warm. On the other hand, when participants head out in the middle of the day for their lunch break, they can wear their caps to shield their faces from the sun.

2. Specialty coffee

If there is a beverage that is always fashionable and popular at corporate events, it has got to be coffee. This beverage often almost serves as an accessory that complements a working professional’s outfit of the day, and it’s also fuel for high-performing minds and bodies.

Of course, a cup of coffee can effectively help participants perk up as they listen to one lecture or presentation after another.

But for a corporate gift bag item, do not just opt for the typical coffee blends. Consider offering imported brands or trendy ones, such as tetra packs or small bottles of cold brew coffee from a popular local coffee shop.

3. Tumblers

Reusable tumblers are hip and useful items. Most people in the corporate world use them to hold their much-loved coffee drinks and other beverages. Also, they are green solutions, which is why they are quite trendy. They encourage people to become more environmentally conscious by helping to prevent the accumulation of single-use plastic bottles or paper cups.

And when it comes to design, there is certainly no shortage of options. Tumblers come in all sizes and shapes. Some even have lovely features such as straws, a strainer (so you can make your own fruit water), and temperature-sensitive exterior colors.

4. Stationery items

Stationery items are not only affordable, but they can elevate one’s style as well.

Many companies, however, typically opt to have corporate stationery made with traditional designs, which are not that exciting to receive. If you really want to impress with your event’s gift or loot bag, throw in functional and creatively designed stationery products that people do not yet know they actually need, but will be truly appreciative of.

Here are some examples:

●      Staple-less staplers

These cleverly designed staplers do not make use of wires. Instead, they punch an arrow-shaped hole and flap, which tucks neatly in a strategically punched slit.

●      Rubber fingertip protectors

Some people may not know about these handy little items, but they can help enhance a person’s reading experience by making page-turning so much easier. No more licking your fingers to make page leaves easy to turn.

●      Multicolored multi-pencils

These look like multi-pens, but actually come with lead in different colors for writing. Who has no use for a pencil? It’s still a fantastic writing tool. And with multicolored multi-pencils, writing can actually become an activity that brings a smile to someone’s face.

5. Energy snacks

From chocolate-covered coffee beans to special mints and energy bars, throw unique little treats into your event’s gift bag for a wonderful surprise. Anything that will make attendees feel energized during the course of a busy, information-packed conference or event is always appreciated. Plus, if you choose rare brands, the participants will surely feel fancy.

There you have it — ideas for fun and fashionable freebies that do not cost a lot, but can say so much about the values your company upholds. These exciting items will not only leave a good impression on the recipients of the gift bags, but they will also make truly awesome gifts to receive.


Momin Rabbani is the Founder of Emirates Apparel in Dubai, a trademark of Aston GB General Trading Co LLC. The company has secured authorised UAE distributor status of the world-famous American brands Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe, also known as Jerzees. Emirates Apparel aims to be the the leading supplier of quality promotional, work wear and leisurewear garments in the UAE.

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