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3 Tips to Help your Lipstick Stay on All day

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Long-lasting lipstick is something that every woman cherishes. There is nothing worse than putting on your favorite shade, only to watch it wear off on taking just one glass of your preferred drink. However, there are various things you can do to ensure that your lipstick lasts longer, these are;

Prepare your lips

You require clean and dry lips before applying any lipstick. This includes getting rid of former makeup that may not have been appropriately removed and making the lip ready for the excellent lip color. Getting rid of any oils or debris ensures that the lip color is applied with greater precision, thus stays longer.  

Moreover, you may want to exfoliate the lips before applying lipstick and get rid of any dry or peeling skin. Also, moisturize the lips by using a clear lip balm to dry lips. Lips tend to dry and crack, and this isn’t desirable for proper lip color application.

Furthermore, wrinkles and cracks on the lips make the lipstick bleed and get lost in the cracks. Therefore, applying a neutral lip balm will assist in relaxing the lips before the lipstick application.

Use lip liner

Before applying lipstick, apply lip liner to your mouth and color in the entire area. This is because a lip liner tends to stay longer than most brands of lip color and also helps in maintaining whatever look that you create on your mouth rather than on your glass.

Choose your lip colors wisely

Try some of the different all day lip color options that are available in the market. Many of them are designed to last for as long as sixteen hours. However, go through the instructions to ensure that you apply correctly. Besides, they will do wonders regarding keeping color on your lips.

More so, blot your color severally and set it with a translucent powder to make your lipstick last longer. While this may not look so glossy, it will do wonders on the finishing of your lipstick.

Considering the much attention that our lips get from others that we interact with throughout the day, it’s crucial to keep our lips looking great. The last thing you wish for is to have someone staring at dry cracked washed out lips during a conversation. Therefore, if you think that you need more pointers, it’s always best to learn from the pros at Mixtrade. Also, you can consider a makeup class at any local makeup school to enhance your lipstick application skills.


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