3 Latest Trends In Men’s Wedding Rings

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Gold, silver and platinum have long been the popular metals of choice for mens wedding rings. More men now prefer to wear something different and rare. This means they are experimenting with different metals for band. There are many other new trends in the world of men’s rings.

Here are 3 trends reshaping the way men used to choose their wedding rings.

1. Choosing Unique Metal Bands

Gold has always been the most popular metal of choice for wedding bands for both men and women. Durability and practicality are the new buzzwords for everyone and choosing unique metals like tungsten is a new trend. Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and is ideal for men who have to use their hands in their everyday activities. However, tungsten wedding rings are not just limited to men with such profession or lifestyle. When you wear tungsten wedding bands, you are choosing a symbol of love that will last more than a lifetime.

Rose gold is a precious metal that has long been associated with women’s jewellery. Things are changing fast, as men can also been seen wearing wedding rings made of this elegant metal. However, the new rose gold men’s rings have a unique masculine characteristic of their own. They usually feature a sunset-blush tone. These bands will usually have another precious metal along with elements of rose gold. White gold is the commonly used combination metal.

2. Diamond Wedding Rings

Once diamond wedding rings were considered to be unusual for men, but more and more style-conscious men now like to add more sparkle to their wedding jewellery. This trend has especially found its inspiration from the preference for diamond studded men’s watches.

The way diamond has found a place on mens wedding rings, it has shown a lot of difference in style from women’s rings. The most commonly worn styles are subtle. The diamond size is usually limited to a full carat and the ring is designed to be wearable and not beautiful. Stone safety is another important property. Channel-set and gypsy-set square or round diamonds are currently the popular styles. Besides, men can be seen wearing white, yellow, and champagne diamonds in their wedding rings.

3. Experimenting with Patterns & Textures

More and more men like to experiment something new with their wedding rings. Not everyone wants to stick with the traditional plain band and you shouldn’t be surprised to see variety of patterns and textures. Some examples of common textured finishes include:

  • Fine grain
  • Matte
  • Satin

Such finish not only looks beautiful, it can also wear well over the long term. Similarly, more grooms now like to experiment with patterns, ranging from simple lines to something bolder and more creative.

Are you looking for something unique that will make your wedding ring stand out? A wedding ring is not just another piece of jewellery. It is meant to be worn forever. The above-mentioned current trends will certainly give you some innovative tips on choosing the perfect ring for your wedding.

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