What is Family Jewelry?

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Well, if you’ve never heard the term family jewelry, you’re in for a nice surprise. Family jewelry is a broad category of personalized jewelry that includes engraved jewelry, customized jewelry, and fingerprint jewelry.

Most people are familiar with personalization by engraving a sweet something or significant date on the backside of a watch, pendant, charm or ring. But when it comes to customized jewelry and fingerprint jewelry – most people are not in the know.

Custom Family Jewelry

In the past, customized jewelry was something that only the very wealthy could afford. It was a one-of-a-kind piece, that couldn’t be purchased off the shelf. Today, customized jewelry is becoming more popular as the prices are more reasonable. Why? It is because the custom jewelry industry now utilizes computer design programs and 3D printing for their prototypes and casting. The design can be revised again and again until it reaches the client’s vision before it ever goes into handcrafted production.

Expert fine jewelry architect and founder of Dimples – Jeff Ross – reveals his thoughts, “I’ve always enjoyed creating unique, custom creations with exquisite colored gems and diamonds in precious metals, but it is even more fun now. Using state-of-the-art software and equipment provides more freedom to create without limitations. Our clients love it as much as we do and the latest processes make custom jewelry more affordable.”

Family jewelry that can be customized is very special and with some easy planning, each member of the family can feel like one of the clan. Charms, pendants, and dog tags are just a few of the pieces that are available.

Fingerprint Family Jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry is also customized; however, its primary feature is the embedded fingerprint, handprint, or paw print. You can even have footprint jewelry made from your infant’s tiny foot. The process is simple and the results are long-lasting. Just as you can imagine, digitized fingerprints are provided to the jeweler and a computerized design is made for approval. You can select from a standard piece of jewelry or create customized fingerprint jewelry. The only limitation is your imagination.

Imagine the sentimental journey you would go on as your child grows up. This miniature imprint of your baby’s footprint and handprint will be something that can be left to the child. There are so many ways to create family fingerprint jewelry, just use a little imagination.

When you’re going to spend on jewelry anyway, why not consider family jewelry that will last a lifetime!

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