What is a wedding planner? Do you need to hire one?

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Wedding planners are also known as event planners, wedding coordinators. They provide professional advice, planning guidance and management of weddings. Every wedding is unique and a wedding planner has a different job. The goal of Marbella Wedding  is always to provide the best planning experience and resources for clients.

Budget projection management

It involves accurately estimating the expenditures, based on the couple’s vision and financial resources. Wedding planners research and recommend venues for weddings. They visit the venues together with their clients as part of the decision-making process.

Meetings with the vendors

The wedding planner will often attend vendor meetings with the couple. They take detailed notes, coordinate details of contracts, and keep track on vendor payments. Many wedding planners communicate with vendors on behalf of their clients. However, most of the times the wedding planners have direct business relationship with the vendors.

Event design and coordination

Event planners can help you create the overall atmosphere of your wedding. The wedding planner works with the couple to share their vision and collaborate on design ideas. They also provide material samples and written narratives. Some wedding planners are sole entrepreneurs while others work with a team of assistants and event planners.

Develop design elements

While a professional wedding coordinator is essential to a successful wedding, it is not enough. You may not be aware of all the responsibilities that come with planning. When someone says “wedding planner”, he immediately thinks of logistics and coordination. Full-service wedding planners offer design services that help couples choose color palettes, select decor, choose the dress, rentals, lighting, and create an overall theme that will be carried throughout the event.

Make arrangements 

A great wedding planner will always be two steps ahead. They will most likely schedule any vendors or venue meetings leading up the big day. Your wedding planner can offer their expert advice. Your planner can also offer objective advice if you are looking for a dress, suit, or accessory to wear on your wedding day.

Create your wedding website

Although we think that setting up your wedding website should be easy, your planner can assist you with all the editing and hard work to make it look and feel perfect.


Their training, experience, connections, and expertise will make your wedding planning process a pleasure. They will help you choose the right venue, negotiate terms and payment terms with suppliers, manage every detail, arrange visits, make reservations, and so forth. Because they have extensive experience in the wedding industry, they can recommend the best suppliers to each couple. They will offer the best choices, taking into consideration your style, budget, and tastes.

Now that you know what is a wedding planner it is time to get in touch with one.

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