Tips For Taking Pictures While Traveling

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It is summer and therefore travels time. I have a lot of fun taking pictures while going, and we will try to give some practical tips for taking photos while traveling.

What equipment should I go with?

In the beginning, there is the big question: What do I take with me? Best of all is often the answer. But we can only advise against that. Because the photo equipment must also be worn, depending on the accommodation and the type of trip (e.g., on tour) you will always have your photo equipment. A piece of sizeable photographic equipment can be quite a block on the leg and cause frustration on vacation. On the other hand, it makes little sense to leave the right camera and the expensive lenses at home and only take pictures with a compact camera.

Backpack Or Photo Bag?

That is also an important question. Some photographers will like a shoulder bag quite happy, but this only works for a certain weight of the equipment. As soon as there is a more massive telephoto or a tripod with the photo things, it can no longer be carried reasonably on one shoulder. Then a backpack is better. But a photo backpack also has disadvantages: it is large and bulky and changing the lens is quite cumbersome,

Always Ready?

The best camera is of no use if it is in your pocket at a crucial moment. A great view on the approach, you have a window seat on the plane, but the camera is in the hand luggage compartment? A dinner show with dancing at dinner, but the camera is in the hotel room? Then there is no photo, too bad. So, it makes perfect sense to have access to the camera. On the other hand, you don’t want to run around the area with a compact DSLR, which annoys yourself or your fellow travelers.

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