The Massage Tables and the Solutions for You

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There are massage tables that have a lifting part or even two, they are suitable for beauty treatments and weigh down the table

The width of the massage table:

It is an important point of comfort not to be overlooked, we recommend a table wide from 70cm to 80cm. Knowing that 75cm is a good average and that your table will already be quite heavy

The narrower the person is likely to have his arms falling and the wider you may be uncomfortable depending on your height for massaging. For the best massage area in 마사지코리아 건마 this is important.

The thickness of a massage table:

Another important element of comfort for the person who will have to lie down sometimes for more than an hour.

There are different thickness and different quality of foam

It is recommended to use tables with a thickness greater than 5 cm and a density of at least 20 kg per cm²

7.5 cm is already very good

The height adjustment of your table:

Attention the minimum or maximum adjustment height of a table, is not standard, be careful with this criterion.

This raises the question of the height at which you will have to adjust your table

How to adjust your massage table?

All folding tables can be adjusted manually and simply in height. To define the height that will be suitable for you, stand with your arm stretched out along your body with your fist closed, your hand must in this position touch the table.

  • But in any case even if you have to work on a table that is not set to your liking you will adapt by spreading your legs more or less and bending more or less on your front leg.
  • Without forgetting that you must also adjust your position or the setting of your table according to the thickness of the person being massaged.

The accessories of a massage table:

It is preferable to choose a table with an external reclining headrest which is fitted at the end of the table. Many tables are also available with a hole for the face on the table that remains less comfortable than the outside headrest.

For the protection of the coating, use a towel, a sheet or ideally a fitted sheet and under a draw sheet which prevents the oil from going on the table.

You can also use disposable non-woven sheets.

Clean your table after each massage, with a non-aggressive product, lukewarm water and soap are enough, clean and rinse.

Comfort cushions:

Are elongated cylindrical or semi-cylindrical cushions that you will use to relieve the muscular tensions of the person by installing them under the lumbar or under the ankles

Its professional cushions can be replaced by rolled towels

The storage and transport cover:

The cover will serve as protection for your table but also will help you move by limiting your fatigue, it must have a strap to carry it over the shoulder.

The massage table transport trolley:

Also important for any transport there are different kinds, apart from a simple light and practical little devil, you have real transport systems perfectly suited to massage. It is the most practical and least tiring means of transport outdoors, do not neglect it.


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