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Everybody likes comfort, speed, style and performance in a car. The 2017 Honda Pilot, capable refined SUV with all goodness of a minivan, offers all these qualities.

The Honda Pilotis a complete upgrade of the first Pilot ( blocky, no knobby off road tires, bluff styling, no rugged low ratio transfer case) and was one of the first big crossovers to shun the old SUV idiom completely.

It has softcorners, and rounded fenders which are more appealing than the boxy shapes that preceded and its glass to metal ratio is better than any other rival automobile; moreover, it isstill very far as from a Durango look.( rough and tumble.).

The Pilot is very well finished, its interior is of neat organization with the cabin surrounded by a variety of glass, from tall side windows to an available huge panoramic roof that floods the cabin in natural light.

With its 280-hp V-6, the Pilot pulls with great strength whether it’s paired with a 6-speed or a 9-speed automatic. Front-wheel drive is standard, with atraction management system which can aid in pulling it out of mud pits or snow with ease.An all-wheel drive is also drivers option. The Pilotcan also tow up to 5,000 pounds, and with the fuel economy observing lower figures in recent years, this comes in a huge advantage.

The Pilothas a luxurious, mature feeling, this is all due to its plush ride, and relaxed steering. The all-wheel-drive systemallows it to turn in more sharply to cornersbecause of its torque vectoring, which seems to contrast to the softly sprung ride. You might be just as happy with the firmer-riding front-drive version with the standard 18-inch wheels and tires.

The Pilot Honda has three rows of seats and space for up to eight passengers making it the most versatile vehicle in the automobile industry. The front seats have a step in height an inch lower than predecessorsand are just about ideally shaped; the Pilot is an even more suitable car for smaller or older drivers. The middle row, however, is friendly and can accommodate adults quite comfortably, and for the first time, you can buy a version with two captain’s chairs and a pass-through. The seat reclines for long trips and has its tray table and cup holders.

In the back, the third-row seat is accessible by folding forward the second-row seat bythe push of a button; quitea fancy touchisn’t it?The back seat has a surprising amount of head and leg room making it possible for grown adults to sit at the back.However, the step in room is quite slim.The Pilot is, therefore, one of the most useful people haulers around.


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