Real fur items that are worth your money!

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No matter what some people think of fur, there is absolutely no denying that you cannot match the beauty of the real thing with faux fur. Real fur is stunning, warm, and a true investment, regardless of the product you are buying. In this post, we are sharing fur things you must have in your home and closet.

  1. Fur vests. While this may not seem like a regular choice, but a vest with fur trims is definitely a fashion staple. You can find all sorts of designs in the market, and if you are in Canada and shopping online, do check Wolfie Fur vests. Check the material before you make a purchase, although fox, coyote, beaver and lynx furs are definitely worth buying. 
  2. Fur coats. Another staple fashion item that you need in your closet is a fur coat. A fur coat works wonders through the winter as a protective layer, and you can even find designs that have fur on the trims. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose between colors, designs, and styles. For instance, a black or tan fur coat is ideal for any woman who needs to head to office every day. 
  3. Fur blankets. When it comes to fur blankets, nothing really beats fox and coyote furs. Fur blankets are great for warmth and style, and just having one in your living area, or a throw around the bedroom adds visual warmth to the space. Fur blankets do need some care with regards to maintenance, but the price is certainly justified. 
  4. Fur capes. If you don’t want to go for something like a coat, your next best alternative is a fur cape, which can be worn over any outfit as the perfect winterwear. You can find fur capes in all designs, but go for a solid color, if you want to think of long-term investment. Another good option is an animal print, which is best for casual outings. 
  5. Fur jackets. Somewhere between a coat and a cape is the fur jacket, which is a good pick for regular use. Both men and women can wear fur jackets like a true statement, no matter what else is included in the look. The good news is many brands offer amazing designs that are great for all-year use, depending on where you live. 

Check online now to find the best brands for fur products we just talked about.

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