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Let’s be real for a second. Do you always read the ingredients on the trendiest new makeup? Could you tell the difference between a toxic and a non-toxic additive from looking at the ingredients?

Non-toxic makeup is growing in popularity. That’s a fact. Does that mean anything, though? Are companies just slapping “toxin-free” on the label?

Gaelle Cosmetics is here to answer your questions. We understand your skepticism, so our goal is to set the record straight. We will dive into the meaning behind “non-toxic” and how brands are using the term. 

By the end of this article, we want you to feel positive about our ethics. When we say our products are free from harmful toxins, we mean it. Keep reading to learn how!

What Makes Non-Toxic Makeup Legit?

Brands should take their customers’ health seriously. If they don’t, that leaves room for another brand to swoop in. The makeup industry needs to follow the consumer trend of health awareness. That is great news for you, the customer.

How can you filter out toxic ingredients with ease?

The Environmental Working Group lists harmful ingredients for you. Some common toxic additives include Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, etc. The EWG’s Skin Deep tool lets you search verified ingredients for any health concerns. 

Does Non-Toxic Makeup Cost More?

Sometimes, brands slap “non-toxic” on a product to bump up the price. If you go for a cheaper option, the quality tends to suffer. What’s so special about us, then? Compared to other choice brands, the quality for the price is amazing. 

The cost of toxin-free cosmetics depends on the brand! Gaelle Cosmetics gives high-quality, inexpensive cosmetics to its customers. With our shimmery highlighters, dense eyeshadows, and bold lipsticks, you’ll look good without breaking the bank. 

We listen to our customers’ opinions. Our commitment to toxin-free makeup is no different. Getting the cosmetics you deserve shouldn’t come with hefty prices!

Protecting Your Health and Beauty: Shop With Us

Where can you find toxin-free, cruelty-free cosmetics? The answer is right here! Special care goes into creating each product because we want you to feel confident in our brand. Our goal is to let your personality shine with every wear. 

Browse our products; protect your health and confidence. It’s that simple!

Toxin-Free Bold Lipsticks

Wearing bold and bright colors increases your confidence. It’s true! That is why we offer toxin-free bold lipsticks in every shade under the sun. We have dozens of colors in matte liquids and shiny glosses for every skin tone.

Nude Lipsticks for Women of Colour

We understand how hard it is to find the right lipstick for you. “Nude” lipsticks are too light for women with darker skin tones. We are revolutionizing makeup by offering lipsticks for women with brown skin. Yes, you get a true nude, even with darker skin. Feel free to jump up and down!

Add Browning to Your Collection

Fall in Love With Joyce

The Best Lip Kit at a Wallet-Friendly Price

On top of being non-toxic and cruelty-free, Gaelle Cosmetics also brings the best prices. Currently, we have a lip kit that includes all of the essential colors. 

Get four for the price of two, including some of our best shades. Bundle the lip kit with our brow kit and eyeshadow palette to save even more!

Ready to save your money and your health?

Shop the Best Lip Kit by Gaelle Cosmetics

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