How to Have a Great Autumn Wardrobe Clear Out

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The time of the year when the seasons change is the best time to have a de-clutter of your wardrobe. Most of us are a bit guilty of hoarding too many clothes, so now it is the time to bite the bullet and go through all of those clothes sat in your wardrobe. As a reward, you could always get yourself some nice new clothes, like these mens designer clothes once you have assessed what your wardrobe is lacking. So, how do you go about having the perfect wardrobe clear out?

15 items of clothing men need for a complete wardrobe

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The first thing that you need to do is entirely empty your wardrobe. It is best to go through each item and try it on – think what it looks good with and where you would wear it to. You might love a fun item, but you need to know what it goes well with otherwise it won’t be worn, and it is just taking space in your wardrobe.

Creating A Capsule Wardrobe For Men

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Once you have critically assessed everything, it is time to work out what you will do with the clothing that you will be getting rid of. Some clothes you may be able to sell – which is great if you can make a bit of money to update your wardrobe with new fashions. If things are still in good condition but not being worn, then give them to a charity shop, and anything that isold or tatty can be recycled at many places.

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