Can you keep linen clothes wrinkle free?

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Linen is lovely and most fashionistas would agree. But what isn’t so lovely about it is that it wrinkles really easily and keeping it wrinkle free can be quite a chore.

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Some may say that the wrinkles add to the fabric’s charm, but there are a few ways to ensure that your linen is creaseless – at least for a while.

Linen is however, a lot like cotton, and the fact that it’s woven lends itself to a few quirks. When you cross your legs or arms, you’re sure to leave a few creases and these you’ll have to live with. But if you’d like the rest of your linen outfit to appear unwrinkled, we suggest you try one of the following methods.

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When you iron mens designer shirts, like the ones available at for example, you need to do so with care, and the same goes for when you iron anything linen. Linen is a sensitive fabric and it needs special care. For the best results, you should iron your shirts and trousers when they are still a little damp, or, if they are already dry, mist them lightly with a spray bottle. A high steam setting and a bit of mist is the perfect combination and will get all the wrinkles out easily, without pressing too hard.


Linen factories and retailers often use steam to get rid of wrinkles in their garments, and you can do the same. Steamers are gentler than irons and you can apply more or less steam to the patches prone to bunching up. Just a little bit of steam goes a long way, and generally, the wrinkles will simply fall away. If you don’t have a steamer, you can always hang your shirt or trousers up in the bathroom while you bath or shower – the steam will act as an iron and the creases will vanish.


This isn’t a recommended way of getting rid of creases in linen as it can leave garments looking stiff and hard. Linen’s natural crease and weave makes it a soft fabric and starch can ruin this, but if you are anti-wrinkle, then you can use a little bit of starch to attain the desired result. Just don’t over do it or you’ll look like you are wearing cardboard.

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