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4 tips to sport the goth look with élan

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Goth style is all about being dark, mysterious yet dramatically elegant. Mostly dominated by “black” goth fashion stands out with its distinct bold appeal and timeless aura. The style has found its niche among those who dare to think out of the box. Are you too inspired by the fearless daring vibe of Goth fashion? That’s cool and here are some tips that will help you to sport the ultimate goth look with elan.

Black is the color

As noted earlier, Goth fashion is all about dark elegance. No wonder, black is the signature color of Goth fashion. If you are looking forward to sport the Goth style, black can used generously for every aspect of your style statement. From hair to eye make-up to clothes to shoes to gothic jewelry– black should be everywhere to complete the look.

However, modern Goth fashionistas also experiment with other colors such as deep navy, dark plums, deep emerald and ox blood. However, even if they are not exactly black yet all these shades have a dark tint in all of them.

Leather is your best friend

Akin to black, “leather” is a constant when it comes to Goth fashion. Your Goth look should have at least one prominent leather piece to complement that bold Gothic vibe. If it’s winter, you can always have your leather jacket to accentuate the look. Otherwise, leather pants or skirts would be handy. If you are a biker chick or hunk, you know you can’t leave the house without leather gloves.

Added to leather, there are some other fabrics that make up the Goth fashion. Velvet is the thing for a plush Goth aura. Then, of course, chiffon also works well for the style. One of the classic examples of Goth fashion is black chiffon top paired with burgundy leather skirt or pant. If you plan to wear your favorite black skinny jeans, match it up with an ox blood leather jacket.

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Bold chunky jewelry

No Goth fashion is complete without signature Goth jewelry. You will find Bikerringshop that is solely dedicated to Goth accessories. Gothic ornaments are all about bold, solid chunky pieces which are an exotic presence in their own distinct way.

When it comes to Goth jewelries, there is a vast and versatile range to choose from. You will find gothic ring, gothic necklaces, gothic bracelets, gothic anklets and so on. Metal is the most common material for Gothic accessories for its solid look. Spikes, skulls, chains and occult symbols are largely used across Gothic jewelries. Then, of course, brightly colored stones, especially onyx, are widely popular in Goth culture. Besides, Gothic fashionistas also love to sport tribal patterns and animal motifs like lion, eagle, black etc.

Think “spikes” for footwear

If you are serious about Goth look, your wardrobe is incomplete without a spiked footwear. You can wear any kind of footwear – be it boots or stilettos or  wedges- just remember to get a pair with solid golden spikes.

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